Jr. CH. Respect - A - Bull No Warning


*HUU Free
*Dutch Health Certificate

Dutch Junior Champion





O'Conner of the Tivoli Bulls
[ CH
Ricatori King of Meljane
[ CH
Meljane Bulldogs King William
[ CH
Ocobo Candy King
Meljane Bulldogs Miracle Sophie
JW Ricatori Flornece Baby [ Bildaw What ever it takes Mystyle
Kenmilleven of Baby at Ricatori
Knock Knock of the Tivoli Bulls [ Merriveen That Mine [ Merriveen Match of the Day Bomberland
Merriveen Touch of Alice
Multi Ch.
Faith of the Tivoli Bulls
[ Calibra Calvin Klein
Campari of the Tivoli Bulls
Multi Ch.
Respect-a-bull Berry Blush
[ CH
Meljane Bulldogs King William
[ CH
Ocobo Candy King
[ Ocobo Flag Ship Mystyle
CH Mystyle Eye Candy Ocobo
Meljane Bulldogs Miracle Sophie [ CH Valleybulls Silver Sailor at Merriveen
Ch Spain Bildaw Faith
Multi Ch
Tough of Golden van 't Patdana Home
[ EU CH'11, UK CH, Multi CH Jabberwocky's Cloudless
CW'07, JW'07, NJK'07, BOY'06-'07 NL
Top Stud Dog '08,'09,'10,'11,'12
Top Winning Dog '07,'08,'09,'10,'11
[ Lux Jr CH
Douglas van 't Patdana Home
Seabright Silver Smile
Country Girl van 't Patdana Home [ UK CH
Terlingfair Country Boy from MyStyle
Top Stud Dog '08, BOY'04, INC CC BIS
Burundi van t Patdana Home



20-04-2019 Goes Open 1 Excellent, Res. CAC and CACIB Mr. H. Hoenderken (NL)
09-09-2018 Rotterdam Junior 2 Excellent Mrs. C. van Raamsdonck (NL)
08-09-2018 Rotterdam Junior 1 Excellent, JCAC, CAC en BOS Mr. P. Akkhad (AU)
05-08-2018 Den Bosch Junior 2 Excellent Mr. S. Bessho (JP)
04-08-2018 Den Bosch Junior 1 Excellent, JCAC en Res. CAC Mr. P. Akkhad (AU)
23-06-2018 Zwolle Junior 1 Excellent, JCAC en Res. CAC Mrs. C. Kersemeijer (NL)
18-03-2018 Hazerswoude Puppy 1 Very Promising, Beste Pup en 2 BPIS Mr. P. van Montfoort (NL)


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