Ch. Seabright Silver Spike



Europajugendsieger 2009
Hopking 2010
German VDH Champion


Seabright Silver Strike [ NL CH, JW & W'04
Seabright Silver Satisfaction
[ Multi CH
Wyecaple Good to Go
[ Lynmans Living Legend
Hyten Miss Hollywood
Beclever vh Slaghek [ NL, A, H, SLO CH
Slaghek Night and Day
Fleur vh Slaghek
Seabright Silver Sculpture [ Bantonloch Barney Magroo [ Quintic Tempest
Coldstream Stormoney at Bantonloch
Coldstream Pepperino at Wyecaple [ Lynmans Living Legend
Esse Bitter Sweet
Seabright Silver Solution [ Multi CH
Wyecaple Good to Go
[ Lynmans Living Legend [ Lynmans Lamplighter
Lynmans Madam Cyn
Hyten Miss Hollywood [ Lawrencetown Ghost Spirit of Hyten
Bugalion Boomerang of Hyten
Mystyle Diamont White [ UK, World CH
Merriveen Make my Day
Esclusham Golden Chimes of Wencar
Merriveen Milady
Hyten Hope N Desire for Mystyle [ UK CH
Medbull Gold Dust over Delloe
Wyecaple All in the Game with Hyten


19-12-10 Brussel  Open  Excellent Mrs. L. de Ridder-Onghena (B)
21-11-10 Asperen Open Excellent Mr. C. Carberry (UK)
17-10-10 Dortmund Open 2 Very Good Mr. G. Godfrey (UK)
15-10-10 Dortmund Open 2 Excellent Mr. H. Kliebenstein (D)
09-10-10 Zwolle Open Excellent Mr. J. Williams (NL)
26-09-10 Recklinghausen Open 1 Excellent CAC, BOB Mrs. S. Kirschbilcher (A)
25-09-10 Recklinghausen Open 1 Excellent CAC, BOS Mrs. E. Clerc (CH)
05-09-10 Luxembourg Open Excellent Mr. T. van der Horst (NL)
22-08-10 Leipzig Open 1 Excellent Mrs. I. Huber (D)
21-08-10 Leipzig Open 1 Excellent Mr. G. Roth (D)
07-08-10 Ludwigshafwn Open 1 Excellent res. CAC Mr. J. Nemec (CH)
01-08-10 Bremen Open 3 Excellent Mr. W. Schickler (D)
31-07-10 Bremen Open 3 Excellent Mr. P. Roosenboom (B)
24-07-10 Luik Open 2 Excellent Mr. P. Delerue (PT)
18-07-10 Lokeren Open 2 Excellent Mr. V. van Raamsdonk (NL)
04-07-10 Genk Open 1 Excellent res. CACIB Mrs. M. van Brempt (B)
13-06-10 Lommel Open 1 Excellent CAC, BOB Mrs. M. van Brempt (B)
06-06-10 Hulten Open Excellent Mrs. A. Wijnsouw (NL)
24-05-10 Saarbrucken Open 1 Excellent res. CAC Mr. S. Stefik (D)
15-05-10 Wieze Open 1 Excellent CACIB, BOS, Hopking '10 Mr. B. Roberts (UK)
08-05-10 Dortmund Open 3 Excellent Mr. G. Roth (D)
07-05-10 Dortmund Open 2 Excellent Mr. D. Rodgers (UK)
25-04-10 Lingen Open 1 Excellent CACIB Mr. J. Pohling (D)
17-04-10 Goes Open 2 Excellent Mrs. A. v.d. Heuvel-Cowan (UK)
05-04-10 Leeuwarden Open 4 Very Good Mr. R. Searle (UK)
10-01-10 Hoogstraten Intermediar Very Good Mr. B. v.d. Bosch (B)
20-12-09 Wijchen  Intermediar  2 Very Good  Mr. R. Doedijns (NL) 
06-12-09 Den Bosch Intermediar 4 Excellent Mrs. M. Peacock (UK)
28-11-09 Amsterdam Intermediar 1 Excellent Mr. O. Gerdmunsson (SE)
18-10-09 Dortmund Youth 2 Excellent Mr. B. Bosch (NL)
26-09-09 Maastricht Youth Excellent Mr. G. Godfrey (UK)
29-08-09 Rotterdam Youth Excellent Mr. Z. Brankovic (RS)
22-08-09 Mechelen Youth 3 Excellent Mr. C. Salas Melero (SP)
08-08-09 Ludwigshafen Youth 1 Very Good Mr. M. Zidar (I)
26-07-09 Luik Youth 4 Excellent  
14-06-09 Berghem/Oss Youth 4 Very Good Mr. E. Wieldraaijer (NL)
02-05-09 Dortmund Youth 1 Excellent Europajugendsieger '09 Mrs. C. Newman (UK)
28-02-09 Groningen Youth 3 Very Good Mrs. M. Reed (UK)
08-02-09 Eindhoven Puppy 4 Promising Mrs. M. Blaha (A)


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