Born on March 28, 2014

3 Males





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Multi CH
Sebyan Wilson Ocobo
  Respect-a-Bull Just Be Unique


Multi CH
Sebyan Wilson Ocobo
[ Ocobo Flagship Mystyle [ Ringablok McDonald Mystyle [ CH
Fullmarks The Duke
Ringablok Princess
Leighbeck Last Tango With Ocobo [ Belushi Rythm Dancer At Fearnought
Leighbeck Royal Roots
Sebyan Nice On The Rocks [ CH Mystyle Rolex Ocobo [ Ringablok McDonald Mystyle
Mystyle Shining Star
Sabany Shakeira [ Aldridge Albany
Sabany Nice On Ice
Respect-a-Bull Just Be Unique [ Saintgeorges Some Might Say [ Ocobo Flagship Mystyle [ Ringablok Mc Donald Mystyle
Leighbeck Last Tango With Ocobo
Saintgeorges Stand Proud [ UK CH
Mystyle Kees
Saintgeorges Look At Me
Multi Ch
Tough of Golden van 't Patdana Home
[ EU CH'11, UK CH, Multi CH Jabberwocky's Cloudless
CW'07, JW'07, NJK'07, BOY'06-'07 NL
Top Stud Dog '08,'09,'10,'11,'12
Top Winning Dog '07,'08,'09,'10,'11
[ Lux Jr CH
Douglas van 't Patdana Home
Seabright Silver Smile
Country Girl van 't Patdana Home [ UK CH
Terlingfair Country Boy from MyStyle
Top Stud Dog '08, BOY'04, INC CC BIS
Burundi van 't Patdana Home


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