Born on September 17, 2017

3 males & 6 females


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JCh. O'Connor Of The Tivoli Bulls   Multi Ch. Respect A Bull Berry Blush


Jr Ch
O'Connor Of The Tivoli Bulls

Ch, Jr Ch
Ricatori King Of Meljane

[ CH JrCh, BOY
Meljane Bulldogs King William
[ CH, JCh
Ocobo Candy King
Meljane Bulldogs Miracle Sophie
Ricatori Florence Baby JW [ Bildaw What Ever it Takes Mystyle
Kenmilleven Oh Baby at Ricatori
Knock Knock of the Tivoli Bulls [ Merriveen Thats Mine [ Merriveen Match of the Day Bomberland
Merriveen Touch of Alice
Ch, JCh, Int Ch, World Ch, Multi Ch
Faith Of The Tivoli Bulls 
[ Calibra Calvin Klein
Campari of the Tivoli Bulls
Multi Champion
Respect-a-Bull Berry Blush
Meljane Bulldogs King William
Ocobo Candy King
[ Ocobo Flagship Mystyle
CH Mystyle Eye Candy Ocobo
Mejane Bulldogs Miracle Sophie [ CH Vallerybull Silver Sailor at Merriveen
CH Spain Bildaw Faith
Multi Ch
Tough of Golden van 't Patdana Home
[ EU CH'11, UK CH, Multi CH Jabberwocky's Cloudless
CW'07, JW'07, NJK'07, BOY'06-'07 NL
Top Stud Dog '08,'09,'10,'11,'12
Top Winning Dog '07,'08,'09,'10,'11
[ Lux Jr CH
Douglas van 't Patdana Home
Seabright Silver Smile
Country Girl van 't Patdana Home [ UK CH
Terlingfair Country Boy from MyStyle
Top Stud Dog '08, BOY'04, INC CC BIS
Burundi van 't Patdana Home


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